What is Restorative Dentistry?

WE DEFINE RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY as the functional, esthetic and biologic evaluation and treatment of the teeth, tissues and the temporomandibular joints (tmj’s). Years of study, management and treatment of restorative problems prove an important fact.  The condition of the patient’s bite (occlusion) is the most critical factor in determining how long the teeth will last…. Read more »

Occlusal Disease – Do You Have It?

Occlusal disease is an abnormal condition of the way teeth fit together (the bite) that causes damage to the teeth and or the supporting structures surrounding the teeth. An occlusal disease condition can be a major cause of headaches (including migraines), sore, loose, fractured, broken, and worn teeth. Clenching and tooth grinding either during the day or when sleeping is a major symptom of Occlusal Disease. Tight and sore muscles of the head and neck are also symptoms of occlusal disease. Read more…